Materials are treated on site using our very own pressure treatment facilities.

To ensure the longevity of all exposed wood products preservation is essential. Treatment protects against rot, decay and infestation.

acqEnvironmentally Responsible, ACQ preserved wood is a renewable timber product with low environmental impact . ACQ conforms to British, European and International standards for use in Hazard classes 1,2,3,and 4 including BSEN 599 part 1 and BS EN 335. 25years proven performance . Global recognition. Brown Colourant. (We do not recommend this treatment on any gates with tongue and groove boarding due to the excessive shrinkage in the timber after treatment).


tanalisedTanalised E is a green, waterborne pressure treatment based on copper triazole technology. Derived from organic biodegradable biocides, Tanalised E is usually specified for both in and out of ground contact applications where there is a medium to high risk of decay or insect attack.

tanatoneTanatone pressure treated timber is a brown coloured alternative to Tanalised E. Tanatone is usually specified for fencing and landscaping applications.




protimProtim ME7 is part of a range of preservation systems for wood, pressure treated for use in construction projects that require protection to Use Class UC1, UC2 such as roof timbers, timber framing, internal and external joinery and other internal and external timber projects that are above dpc/ground level. When using Protim Clearchoice in external applications it will need to be coated with a suitable external coating which will be maintained in service.